Let’s talk about packaging

Packaging. It’s SO important! I could harp on about it for days and I’d say since working in marketing for an ethical packaging company, I’d have enough to say about it.

Your packaging is the first thing your customer sees before they reach your product. It’s the first impression they get of your business before they’ve even seen what they’ve bought from you. It really doesn’t matter how amazing the product inside is, if your packaging isn’t up to par, you can guarantee the excitement will have faded by the time they get to the good bit.

Imagine it’s your birthday, someone has bought you a present and the wrapping paper is glitzy, the ribbon is tied to perfection, there’s a box inside a box and oh my god – the suspense is killing you!

You’re already hooked, you’re invested in what’s inside and you don’t even know what it is yet. The same goes for packaging your products.

If you’ve got an item that you’ve spent hours making, only to wrap it in a bit of tissue and put it in an envelope – it’s not got the same wow factor, has it?

If you’ve committed to making a brand and a name for yourself, why not invest in all the bits your customers are going to remember you for? Here’s a list of things that should help you stay memorable.

Outer packaging

You’ve got to decide, are you going to be luxury, ethical… or both?! Outer packaging comes in all sorts of shapes, colours and sizes now, so you’re sure to be spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding how you want your products to arrive.

Are you going to house your products in a box, or a compostable mailer bag? Depending on your product, you need to be thinking about security as well as style.

Noissue sells some great compostable mailer bags in lots of colours and styles and Tiny Box Company can provide you with affordable, sustainable packaging which you can even get foil printed for added luxury.


How are your customers going to remember you? Do you have a business card, or a product care document with your branding on it? Think about the ways people will hold on to your information and remember your business.

With every product I send out, I include a branded care card which has my contact details and my online presence included with the information. That way I’ll know when this needs to be referred back to, I’ll remain memorable to my customer.

Business cards are seriously underrated bits of kit. The amount of business cards I used to keep on my kitchen fridge made me wonder what on earth I was thinking… but they ALWAYS came back in handy! If someone I knew needed something and I had the company to hand, I’d always make a recommendation via the business card.

Not only is this useful for repeat purchases, it’s professional and it shows you mean BUSINESS.

Finishing Touches

This may not seem so obvious but the finishing touches are key and customers tend to remember and recognise you for it. If you’ve got a bit of branded ribbon for example, this added touch shows you care about your brand and you’ve gone the whole way to ‘tie’ together the end product – if you’ll excuse the pun.

Branded labels are also a great way to introduce your brand before the packaging has even been opened. Let your customers know what they’ve been waiting for has arrived by adding a little sticker to show it’s an exciting bit of happy-mail from you!

A handwritten note goes a long way to show your appreciation for shopping with a small business. Say your thank you’s and that you hope they’re happy with the product, even ask them to leave you an online review, it’s these small gestures that help build your business.

There’s so much more that could be explored, but I definitely feel these are great starting points. If you’ve got any packaging questions, feel free to ping me an email (emily@knittingandknots.co.uk). After all, small businesses should be supporting one another!

Speak soon!

Em x

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