Hello, it’s me

So… here it goes – Knitting & Knots first blog post. It’s probably going to be a rambling mess and it’s been a little while since I’ve put pen to paper (in a personal sense at least).

Let’s start with some basics. Hey!

I’m Emily (but I prefer Em). I’m a 20 something year old digital marketer with a part time passion for chunky knitting and sewing faux fur pom poms. I have a strong cat obsession, I LOVE the band, Queen, I have very long red hair and I get called ‘four eyes’ or ‘monkey feet’ by my husband – charming, I know!

I’m pretty much a pirate since spiced rum is life and I can’t resist a tattoo. I’ve been drawing and designing things since I can remember, so it seems logical that I cover myself in creative things… be it ink or wool!

I’m a daddy’s girl through and through but I’ve always had a close family ‘knit’, if you’ll excuse the pun, including an amazing step daughter who I wouldn’t trade in for the World.

Emily, Liam & Freya in Fort William, Scotland

I’ve had a lot of loss in my life but I like to think it’s made me a stronger person. To give you a touch of info on my background, my first loss was at the age of 16, one of my grandparents – a man I‘ve always looked up to and miss day in and out. The second was a childhood friend when I was 18, then my husband’s brother when I was 21 and a close friend only last April (2020).

Loss has had a big impact on my mental health and it’s only in the past year or so that I feel strong enough and empowered to talk about it and raise awareness.

But enough of the sadness and let’s move on to positive things.

I’ve found knitting is something that helps not only my mental health but my creativity and boredom throughout this global pandemic. Knitting wasn’t something I ever expected to latch on to. Being a creative person, I’ve always been drawing, sketching, or designing something, but since I’ve picked up soft merino wool and knitting needles I’ve been able to channel my anxiety and depression into an outlet that releases, or at least distracts me from some of the pain and anguish.

I learnt to knit over the past few months, starting back in November 2020. From watching ‘how to’ videos of how to cast on, knit and purl stitch, to ordering knit kits from Stitch and Story and making things I could only ever have dreamt of ordering online as a finished piece.

I’ve come a long way in the last few months and there will always be so much more to learn. At the moment I’m just happy that friends and family want to support this little hobby of mine.

I can’t quite believe it’s already February 2021. So far, I’ve made more beanie hats than I can keep up with, as well as designing garments that have been inspired by those close to me, who have been supportive and stuck by me no matter what. I’m super excited to launch ‘The Phoebe’ as my knit of the month. My three year old god-daughter was the muse behind this design. Phoebes has always been that little sparkle in my life and her laugh and smile is the most infectious thing in the room. 

Thank you to my best pal, Katy, for blessing me with this little ray of sunshine. I hope you’re looking forward to countless messages from me asking ‘can Phoebe try this on for me?’.

Anyway! That’s enough for the first late night drivel of this newbie chunky knitter.

If you’re still reading… thanks! :’) you’ll hear from me again… soon! 

Em x

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