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Knitting and Knots started as an Instagram documentary hobby during lockdown in November 2020. Since then, chunky knit scarves have progressed to cosy merino wool beanies, handmade faux fur pom poms and other chunky knitwear.

From knit stitch to purl stitch, rib stitch to moss stitch, learning new techniques and garment styles have gone from part time hobby to full time obsession!


Some nice words from kind souls, thanks for supporting a small business!

Thank you, I was a toasty Bun!
A big toasty cinnamon bun!

It’s so cossssyyyy.

Amber Wright


I love my chunky knitted Orla beanie, I wouldn’t go anywhere else for knitwear since buying from Emily!

Laura Naish


My cardigan is so cozy and stylish, it’s one of these items I can wear throughout the seasons!

Johanne Adams


I’ve always admired someone who can make something with their hands. I’ve got a creative mum who loves sewing and makes curtains for a living and I’ve always been able to put pencil to paper and bring something to life.

I used to lust over long chunky knit cardigans and how well made hand knitted clothing was, but I could never have imagined being able to do something like this myself. It started with following a few people on instagram, and then developed into a hobby where I was documenting my progress via social media. The feel of soft super chunky yarn between my fingertips and the satisfying sound of the bamboo knitting needles clacking together brought me relaxation and an escape from my own head. As the interest in my knitting developed with friends and family, I began making knitwear and garments for people and the word of mouth allowed me to start up something I never expected, my own knitting business.

As I have become a more confident knitter, I’ve experimented with new styles and techniques which have inspired me to put pen to paper once again and write up my own chunky knitting patterns.

I’ve always been pretty particular with the type of wool I knit with, for having fear of wearing a knitted jumper when I was younger which would scratch my arms and torso during the day. Why should the people who buy my knitwear have to go through this either? With a lot of trial and error and sourcing different wholesalers for the softest, most luxurious yarn, chunky merino wool eventually found its way onto my needles.

Using a natural yarn that felt so soft and was made from completely natural fibres elated me and when it came to trying on the garment, I was thrilled that my arms came out unscathed.

Not only does my chunky merino wool look and feel great, it is also better for the environment due to its natural composition. Merino wool fibres break down when disposed of, which means it’s biodegradable as well as being an excellent thermoregulator.

Merino yarn is lighter and softer than any other wool and keeps your body temperature regulated in any weather. If you’re feeling a bit warm, it will keep you cool and if it’s a bit cold outside, this chunky wool will keep you nice and toasty.

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